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Turkey calculator

Turkey calculator

Turkey cooking time calculator

Enter the weight of the turkey and select kilograms or pounds. You will find this information on the label, or you can ask your butcher.

Choose type

Using a fan assisted oven at 180°C, your 8lb turkey (with no more than 12.8 ounces stuffing) will be cooked in 0 hrs



Boned and rolled

The calculator does not apply to turkey that is boned and rolled. In an oven that is set at 180°C / 350ºF / Gas Mark 4, you should allow 20 minutes per pound, plus 20 minutes.

Before you serve

Remember, even if your oven is at the right temperature, you may need extra cooking time if:

  • You have lots of other items in the oven,
  • You are opening and closing the oven door often, or
  • Your oven is less efficient than average.

That's why it's important to run the three checks to make sure your turkey is fully cooked.

  • Are the juices running clear?
  • Is there no pink meat left?
  • Is the turkey piping hot all the way through?

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