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Home school activities

We have drawn together a selection of MediaWise resources for parents or teachers to set for children as homeschooling activities.


Mediawise is an online media literacy resource to teach primary school children about the many sources of media around us, how media adverts make us feel and how the media influences us.

Topic 1: What is the media?

Show your kids the What is the media video which explains the different forms of media we see every day and explains that media aims to sell us a product or give a message. 

Watch the video

After watching the video ask them to:

  • Draw the different forms of media they have seen in the video.
  • Draw a product they have seen advertised on TV.

Discussion and activity

Ask your children what signs or brands would they expect to see in a supermarket. Then, using this activity sheet, get them to create their own brand for a supermarket product.

Game image

Download the activity sheet (PDF)

Topic 2: Who is the target

Show your kids the Who is the Target video which shows how the media and advertisers use words, colours, images and characters to sell a product or message to a particular audience. In the video these content producers make assumptions about what they feel might appeal to a particular audience.

Watch the video

Play the game

After watching the video, ask them to spot the hidden advertising or messages in this game: 

Launch the game

Discussion and activity

Then talk to them about stereotyping. Explain assumptions are ideas or beliefs that are not based on fact. Advertisers make assumptions using stereotypes about the people and children. They make assumptions about the different toys that boys and girls might like based on stereotyping. Advertisers assume that all boys play with the same types of toys and girls all play with the same types of toys. This is stereotyping.

Using this activity ask them to first draw clothes and products they think advertisers would put on a girl and boy. Then on the second part of the activity sheet, see if they can draw clothes and products that advertisers might not stereotypically expect for a girl and boy.

Download the activity sheet (PDF)

Understanding stereotypes

Then see if your children can spot all the assumptions made in the products here:

Toy ads quiz link

Launch the slideshow

To end ask them to draw a toy that is not stereotypical.

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