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Food testing laboratory search

This is a database of all laboratories (both private and public) on the island of Ireland that carry out food analysis (including microbiological, chemical and nutritional analysis). The range of services these laboratories provide is extensive.

If you are a food producer and require a specific test to be carried out on your product, simply enter the food type and test you require and all the laboratories offering this particular service on the island of Ireland will be highlighted for you.

Please note the database was last updated in 2016 and is due to be reviewed in 2022.

Belfast Public Analyst's Laboratory
Telephone: +44 (0)28 90 321 691
FAX: +44 (0)28 90 439 604

No. of Food Safety Staff 6
Contact Mr. Ron Ennion
Accredited By UKAS
Type of Food Safety Work Additives, Compositional, Toxins, Food Complaints, Food Speciation, Food Quality, Ionising Radiation, Labelling, Nutrition, Residues, Contaminants including Process, Authenticity, Geographical Origin

Details of Food Testing / Research Carried Out

Sample Type Test Parameter
Dairy products, incl cheese, cream liqueur, powdered dairy produ Compositional Analysis
Egg & egg products, incl egg mayonnaise, prepared egg dishes Compositional Analysis
Meat & meat products, incl game, offal, white & black puddings Compositional Analysis, Preservatives, Meat Content, (directive 2001/101/EC)
Fish, shellfish and molluscs Species, Heavy Metals, Dioxins, Composition, Decomposition
Fats & oils, incl lard, olive oil, non-dairy spread Composition, Rancidity, Fatty Acid Profiles, Virgin / Extra virgin Oil Quality
Soups, broths & sauces, incl mayonnaise, apple sauce, salad crea Composition, Additives
Cereal & bakery products, incl pasta, rice, cornflakes Identification of Basmati Rice, Mycotoxins, Allergens, Composition
Fruit and vegetables Pesticides, Residues
Herbs & spices Heavy Metals, Mycotoxins
Non alc# beverages, incl bottled water, soya milk based drinks Additives, Composition, Contaminants
Wine, incl fortified, non fortified Geographical Origin, Methanol, Glycols, Additives, Alcohol
Alcoholic beverages (other than wine) Spirits – Brand Authenticity, Alcohol, Methanol
Ices & desserts, inclsorbets, shop bought dessert mixes Composition
Cocoa & cocoa preparations, coffee & tea, incl herbal fruit teas Mycotoxins, Heavy Metals, Composition
Confectionary, including chocolate Quantitative Colours, Composition
Nuts & nut products, snacks, incl peanut butter, crisps Mycotoxins
Prepared dishes, incl baby food, all vegetable & cereal based di Pesticide Residues, Composition, Sudan I, II, III, IV, Nutritional Analysis
Special nutritional uses, incl diabetic foodstuffs, gluten free Compositional Analysis
Additives incl antioxidants, emulsifiers, stabilisers, thickener Determined Routinely
Food Stuff Contact Materials, incl aluminium foil, cling film, c Determined Routinely
Others, incl water used as an ingredient Comprehensive Analytical Capability
Water, incl treated, untreated, rainwater, saltwater Comprehensive Analytical Capability
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