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How much physical activity do children need?

Professor Marie Murphy and Dr Niamh Murphy talk about children's physical activity guidelines. Children need 60 minutes of physical activity every day. It doesn't have to be all at once, and it doesn't have to be sport.

How to decide the right portion size for kids

Our expert Joana Caldeira Fernandes da Silva gives us a good rule of thumb for giving the right portion size for all the family.

Are second portions good for us?

Our expert Joana Caldeira Fernandes da Silva says to remember the right balance so if they want a second portion, kids should more of each food group not just more meat or potatoes.

How do I deal with my kid being a fussy eater?

Parent expert and psychologist with the HSE Peadar Maxwell says we shouldn’t fight over food or force kids to eat healthy food. Instead allow children develop an appetite, involve them in making of food and start by serving small quantities of healthy food – and build from there.

How healthy eating is linked to sleep

Sleep is central to a child’s health and well-being. For children, it influences their development in many ways from managing their emotions to the development of their thought-process and physical health. In this video safefood's Chief Specialist in Nutrition Dr Marian O’Reilly explains how sleep can impact on our health and diet.

How to say no to treats

About 20% of what our kids eat is treat foods, yet many of us find it hard to say no. Here’s parenting expert Conor Owens with help to say “No” and start your kids on the way to a healthier life.

How to handle the guilt of saying no to treats

Parent expert and psychologist with the HSE Peadar Maxwell says children reacting with big feelings is normal. He says we should empathise with them and then redirect them.

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