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Welcome to safefood, healthy weight for you

Getting started

Healthy foods and meals for weight loss are in abundance - it’s just a matter of finding a safe and healthy meal plan that works for you and sticking to it. With the Weigh to Live user platform, you will:

  1. Check your BMI
  2. Create an account and set up a profile based on your health data
  3. Use your Dashboard to track your weight, BMI, and the healthy meals you’ve eaten
  4. Find recipes in the daily Meal Planner
  5. Record your overall progress over time, an approach that is associated with long term weight maintenance.

What you need to know about healthy weight loss

BMI is short for body mass index and uses a person’s height and weight to work out if their weight is healthy. Your BMI is calculated by dividing your weight by the square of your height and gives an idea of whether you are a healthy weight, overweight, or underweight.

The HSE defines the BMI as the key measure of obesity in clinical practice when a direct assessment of body fat is not available. However, healthy BMI and weight is a complex subject. When using this measurement, remember that your BMI cannot differentiate between weight in muscle or fat and therefore has little to do with how you look. Your BMI should always be used merely as an index and indicator for a healthy lifestyle!