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Body weight is complicated 

Excess weight can affect people of all ages and backgrounds. Weight loss is not as simple as ‘eat less and move more’. Lots of things influence our body weight and some are outside our control such as our age, our genes and certain health conditions.  

If you are not losing as much weight as you expected when following our healthy meal plans or you have reached a plateau, don’t worry. Instead, think about why this may have happened.   

  • Your body may have adapted to the changes you have made. Use the BMI calculator again to check your current weight range - now that you have lost weight your meal plan may need to be adjusted. It’s important to remember if you do this, you will reset the 12-week programme to week 1.   
  • Sometimes we can drift back to old habits without realising. Perhaps check whether your portion sizes are on track, or if you feel you have had any extras during the day. If that has happened go back to eating what’s on your meal plan, including snacks so you don’t get hungry between main meals.  
  • Try switching the focus away from weight loss to maintaining the same weight over time. This is an achievement in itself.  

Whatever happens, eating a healthy diet and keeping active will have a positive impact on your health regardless of your weight.