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Communicating Allergen Information to Consumers on the island of Ireland

Project Reference: 01-2020

Status: Ongoing

Commencement Date: March 2021

Project Duration: 12 months


The Research Body, Excellence Ireland Quality Association (EIQA), will provide a competent analysis, evaluation and review of the current level of consumer understanding of allergen labelling, the potential for allergen cross contamination in catering settings and how this risk is communicated to consumers across the island of Ireland. In addition, the challenges food businesses face when communicating allergen information to consumers, together with the views of regulators and their perspectives on any issues they may encounter in this area of their enforcement duties, will be collected and documented.

In addition to the results of this practical research, EIQA will review published data on the topic area to develop allergen information communication strategies for catering environments. These will be trialled in live catering environments and evaluated for their effectiveness during this period of implementation. Strategies will be verified as satisfying the requirements of both the regulations and any guidance issued by the relevant enforcement bodies prior to their trialling.

Principal Contractor(s):

Soraid McEntee, EIQA


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