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2. Chemistry & Toxicology

2. Chemistry & Toxicology

There is ongoing public concern over the potential presence of agrochemical residues and environmental and process contaminants in food. This concern is aggravated from time to time by high-profile cases of food fraud such as the contamination of milk-based foods with melamine in Eastern Asia. safefood has responded to this concern by enhancing analytical capacity for detecting residues and contaminants in food, and also through the development of implementable solutions to prevent contamination of food from happening in the first place.

Research has also been carried out into the development of analytical solutions for assuring consumers of the provenance of the food products they buy and for ascertaining the food security of vulnerable groups within the population. safefood continues to support investigations into cross-cutting issues of potential significance for both public health and the agri-food economy such as Climate Change, as well as approaches to identify and prepare for emerging food safety issues.

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