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Cooking demos

If you’re doing a cooking demo on TV or at a live event there are key food safety points you should demonstrate to your audience.


  1. Always show or mention washing hands before starting to prepare food.
  2. If you are preparing meat, fish or poultry, unwashed root vegetables or eggs, your audience should see that you wash your hands, utensils and surfaces immediately afterwards.
  3. Remind your audience that you should never wash raw poultry as it can spread bacteria and could cause food poisoning.
  4. Never place ready to eat foods on a surface that has been touched by raw foods.
  5. Point out to your audience that chopping boards and utensils should be washed between uses. Never turn the board to save time and don’t use a cloth.
  6. Remind audience to always wash your hands in warm hot soapy water.
  7. When serving up cooked meat that has been minced, chopped or skewered, point out to your audience that it’s properly cooked when it's:
    Piping hot
    Cooked all the way through with no pink meat
    The juices run clear.
  8. If you’re cooking beef and lamb remind your audience it can be cooked to preference but pregnant women, older or unwell people and toddlers should not eat pink or rare meat.
  9. If you are wrapping things up in front of an audience point out that they should:
  • Allow hot food to cool before putting it into the fridge
  • Put it in the fridge or freezer within 2 hours of cooking
  • Leftovers should be used within 3 days, and
  • Only reheat once.

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