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Regular cleaning of worktops, chopping boards and any surfaces that come into contact with food is important to prevent the spread of bacteria. Proper cleaning requires hot soapy water and a good scrub.

The four stages of cleaning:

  1. Pre-clean: removal of heavy soiling by sweeping, wiping or pre-rinsing
  2. Main-clean: use of detergents to remove grease & dirt
  3. Rinse: removal of detergent and dirt
  4. Disinfection: reduce bacteria to a safe level

Storage and maintenance of cleaning equipment

  • Store in a safe place away from food
  • Use sluice sinks served with hot and cold water. Never wash food and utensils in a hand washing sink as cross-contamination could occur.
  • Ensure ventilation in cleaning stores
  • Never leave mops/cloths to soak overnight
  • Cleaning chemicals must be clearly marked

Cleaning products

  • Detergents – remove grease and dirt but do not kill bacteria, e.g. soap, wash-up liquid, washing powder, use with hot water for best results.
  • Disinfectants (sometimes referred to as sanitisers) – reduce the number of bacteria to a safe level, achieved by the use of very hot water, at 82˚C or hotter, steam or chemical disinfectants.
  • Sanitisers – combined detergent and disinfectant.
  • Sterilants – kill all bacteria.

Always use cleaning products according to the manufacturer’s instructions

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