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Expert advice on cutting down on treats

Why tackle treats – Aileen McGloin


START – Top 3 tips for managing treats – Aileen McGloin


How to say no to treats – Conor Owens

How to teach your kids life-long skills – Conor Owens


How to introduce change slowly – Ann McGuinness


How to make meal times easier – Fiona Gallagher (Better in eating as a family page)


How to be a role model – Karen Heavy

Changing your treat routine - Dr John Sharry

Breaking bad habits


Demands – Dr John Sharry

How do I deal with being the only parent being strict about treats – Peadar Maxwell


How to I get my partner to keep to the plan about treats? – Peadar Maxwell


My child is a fussy eater so is unhealthy food better than no food? – Peadar Maxwell


Pester power - Peadar Maxwell part 1


What do I do when kids eat food behind my back? – Peadar Maxwell


How working as a team can help reduce treats


Is it okay to give small treats a couple of times a day?


What do you mean by a “treat”? – Aileen McGloin


Is it okay to give treats on occasions like Christmas or Halloween? – Aileen McGloin


What does "It takes a hero to be the bad guy" mean? – Aileen McGloin


Why are you targeting treats? – Aileen McGloin


Let's take on Childhood Obesity - TV ad – Supermarkets


Sugary drinks - TV ad

Saying "No" In The Supermarket - TV ad

Treats - TV ad showing how we give our children biscuits, chocolate, crisps and sweets everyday.

What parents think about giving treats

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