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How to wash your hands

A quick splash 'n dash doesn't get your hands properly clean.

Washing your hands properly is a way to help protect yourself and your loved ones from food poisoning. Here is the Rufus handwashing resource for kids.


There are a few essential steps you must follow to wash your hands effectively.

1. Soap and water

Wet your hands thoroughly under warm running water and apply soap to them.

2. Rub

Rub your hands together to make a lather. Spread it over all areas of your hands and wrists, making sure it covers

  • your palms
  • the backs of your hands
  • your wrists
  • your fingers and
  • fingernails  

Rub between each finger and round your thumbs. It’s this action which helps the soap dislodge and remove dirt and germs. Do this for at least 20 seconds. 

3. Rinse

rinsing hands under the tap

Rinse the soap off completely under a stream of clean running water.

4. Dry

Dry your hands thoroughly, using a clean hand towel or hand dryer, not a tea towel or your clothes.

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