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Breakfast cereal checker

If your children eat cereal for breakfast, try to give them one that is low in sugar. Use our cereal comparison below to check the sugar content of popular cereals.

Breakfast doesn't have to mean cereal though - there are plenty of other options, such as yoghurt with some chopped fruit, or some toast with a chopped banana. Here are some more breakfast ideas.

What is in your cereal?

Check before you choose

If the cereal name or description sounds sugary then it most likely is. Descriptions like ‘honey-coated’, ‘frosted’ or ‘chocolate-coated’ are a good give-away that they contain added sugar. Most cereals will have a label on the front of packaging like the one below. Choose more greens and ambers, and fewer reds.

The facts about your cereal


  • means low in that nutrient, and is the healthier choice.

  • means medium

  • means high

Add natural sweetness to your cereal with fruit.

Swap sugary cereals for whole-grain cereals. Whole-grain cereals Have more fibre to help out children’s digestive system and will keep you fuller for longer.

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