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Keeping school lunchboxes safe

Help keep school lunches cool and safe by following these tips

Remember that sandwiches containing meat or other foods that require refrigeration should be kept as cold as possible until lunch.

  • An insulated box or bag can be used to help keep lunches cool.
  • It is important that lunches are not kept in a warm place such as near radiators or in direct sunlight
  • Throw away any perishable food that hasn’t been eaten at the end of the day
  • Wash and dry reusable water bottles, lids and lunchboxes every day in warm soapy water
  • To keep the cool air in, minimize the number of times your child needs to open the lunchbox, by packing other food items that don’t need to be kept cool separately
  • Cut back on single use plastics like cling-film and use reusable containers.
  • And last, always remember to wash your hands before eating lunch.

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