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How to keep their lunchboxes clean

How to keep their lunchboxes clean

School lunchboxes can be a haven for bacteria if they're not cleaned properly every day. Our food safety team has some important tips.

  • When the kids get home from school make sure to throw away any perishable food that hasn’t been eaten
  • You should wash both lunchboxes and water bottles in dishwasher at 60 degrees Celsius or in warm, soapy water, ensuring to scrub off any food debris
  • Always use clean dishcloths as dirty cloths are a perfect environment for bacteria
  • So be sure to wash and dry containers with clean dishcloths, scrubbers and tea towels
  • We often focus on washing properly but drying is just as important. Be sure boxes and bottles are completely dry before storing them so that there’s no build-up of mould from dampness
  • To stop dust or dirt from gathering, store the lunchboxes upside down or with a cover on
  • The containers you use for school lunchboxes should be different to those used for food preparation. If this isn’t possible, be sure to wash them thoroughly so that there’s no risk of cross-contamination between raw and cooked/prepared food
  • If you make the school lunches the night before, store them in the fridge if they contain meat or dairy products
  • It’s important to store the lunchbox on a high shelf in your fridge, away from any raw meats

And remember to always wash your hands in warm soapy water before and after preparing any food.

Here’s a video reminding us on how to wash our dishcloths, sponges and tea towels.

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