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A bite-sized blog of snack hacks

A bite-sized blog of snack hacks

Back-to-back meetings, busy evenings, weekend plans and gym dates, sound familiar?

We know you’re always on the go, so this will only take a minute – if your work and social life has you out of the house a lot, it can be good to have a game plan when it comes to your snacks to make sure you have healthy options available.

Some things to chew on

  • Snacks shouldn’t replace a meal, but are part of a balanced diet.
  • It’s good to have 2 to 3 small snacks a day.
  • Snacks should be healthy and nutritious like fruit, unsalted nuts or a bag of popcorn – anything else is considered a treat, not a snack.
  • You should know when you might need one (at work, in the gym, between meetings) and plan to have healthy options on hand.
  • Bring portable snacks with you on long days to be prepared.
  • If you’re buying pre-packaged snacks, always read the labels and choose the option lower in fat, sugar and salt.
  • If taking from a large packet, serve a single portion in a dish, or pre-portion into lunchboxes ahead of time.

Now, we know you have places to be! So without further ado, here’s our recommended list of healthy snack options – screenshot it, print it or save this page for later:

  • Piece of fruit
  • Glass of milk
  • 2 wheat biscuits​
  • Muesli with fruit and nuts​
  • Greek yoghurt and mixed fruit​
  • Apple/pear slices with peanut butter​
  • Fresh fruit smoothie​
  • Crackers and cheese
  • Popcorn
  • Dried nuts
  • Vegetable sticks and hummus

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