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What to eat for a snack

Do you get peckish between meals? Make a plan for healthy snacking!

Snacking can be part of an overall balanced diet. It can help keep your hunger at bay and keep you going until your next meal.

Remember, not everyone will need to snack and snacking too much or on the wrong types of foods could lead to weight gain. Take a look at our tips for healthy snacking:

Plan ahead

  • Make a list of healthy snacks and add them to your weekly shopping list. This reduces impulse buying, helps you make a healthier choice and can save you money!

Focus on portion control

  • Instead of eating from a large packet, serve a single portion in a bowl or on a plate. Pre-portion your snacks into small lunchboxes for the week ahead to save time.

Stay hydrated

  • Often we think we are hungry, when in fact we are thirsty. So it’s good to have a drink before a snack. 

Check the label

  • When buying pre-packaged snacks compare the label of similar products. Choose the food that is lower in fat, sugar and salt. 

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