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  • The food safety facts on slow cooking

    Slow cooking is a method of cooking which uses relatively low temperatures (79°C – 93°C) for a long period of time to cook food. By Sarah Norberg, Technical Executive in the Food Science Department at safefood.

  • The joy of slow cookers

    They’re inexpensive to buy, most of the major supermarkets stock them from time to time and they can cost as little as €20, they’re economical to run, and they’re perfect for cooking cheaper cuts of meat. By Corinna Hardgrave, research fellow at safefood.

  • Burnt toast and how much is too much

    When we’re not quite sure what a "safe" level is or how dangerous a chemical can be is when problems arise. A good example of this is the news reports this week about something called acrylamide and food like burnt toast. By James McIntosh, Chief Specialist in Toxicology at safefood.

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