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"Never wash raw chicken" campaign

Campaign resources for Environmental Health Officers

Title: Never wash raw chicken
Launch date: Phase 1  June 2019; Phase 2  June 2020

About the campaign

As part of our annual consumer tracking survey, safetrak and in a series of focus groups we asked consumers to tell us about how they prepare food and in particular, chicken. What they told us helped shape this campaign:

  • 44% of adults surveyed reported always washing chicken under the tap
  • 2 in 3 adults admit to washing chicken “at least some of the time”
  • 60% of consumers wash chicken pieces like breast / drumstick / fillets / wings
  • Consumers’ behaviour has either been learned from family or has developed as a habit

Never Wash Raw Chicken is a poster and digital campaign designed to educate consumers about the risks involved in washing raw chicken. It does this by highlighting how far bacteria can travel when the chicken is washed in the sink - we call this the splashzone - and reminds people about the typical household items that are potentially within that zone. 


6-sheet posters

These posters illustrate the splashzone and the types of household objects that could be contaminated within it.

Social media copy

These are some examples of how to promote the campaign in social media

Trolley handles

These images were created for advertising on supermarket trolley handles, but can also be used as reminders in different parts of the kitchen. 

Social media images

Images with aspect ratios suitable for different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Social videos

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