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START stakeholder partner pack

Let’s go easy on the treats
START campaign assets

Partner pack: Let's go easy on the treats (ZIP file, 367 MB)


The START campaign aims to support and encourage parents to start making small daily changes to their children’s diet and lifestyle and in so doing, get them started on their way to a healthier life.

How you get involved:

We have developed a range of expert videos, and print resources that can be used to support programmes that a have a focus on family health and wellbeing.

Campaign phase (October 2021)

The ‘Let’s go easy on the treats’ phase of the START campaign aims to support parents and guardians to talk to children about treats, reduce treats and achieve moderation.

10 steps to reducing treats


We have a range of expert videos from child psychologists and public health professionals providing techniques on how to manage treats and deal with difficult situations. They offer practical solutions on how to introduce change for both younger and older children and how to deal with resistance and meltdowns.

Let’s give treats a break 

Child psychologist Peadar Maxwell explains why using food as a punishment or reward is not a good idea and how to break the habit.

What happens when they get older? 

Child psychologist Peadar Maxwell talks how using directed discussion can help with older children.

Dealing with meltdowns 

Child psychologist Peadar Maxwell talks us through how to develop a ‘planned activity routine’ for a situations we know our kids find challenging.

Good cop, bad cop 

Child psychologist Peadar Maxwell gives advice on getting your partner on board and what to do if parents feel they are stricter than other parents.

How to say no to treats

Psychologist Conor Owens talks about setting reasonable expectation for ourselves and our kids.

Saying no to treats can teach your kids life-long skills

Psychologist Conor Owens explains how saying no to treats can teach our children life-long skills such as learning to handle frustration, conflict, not getting their own way and to wait to get something later.

Breaking the habit of giving treats

Psychologist Conor Owens suggests parents should approach breaking the habit of giving treats as they would approach teaching any other skill like brushing teeth or using a knife and fork.

Make changes slowly and be consistent 

Public health experts Anne McGuinness and Karen Heavey give their tips on making changes at home by introducing change slowly, being consistent and being a role model.

Dealing with resistance and push back 

Public health experts Anne McGuinness and Karen Heavey give their tips on dealing with resistance.

Healthy snacks

We cover healthy snack alternatives with advice on when and what to give as healthy snacks and the following recipes: .

Demonstrational videos showing portion sizes and encourage families to prepare food together:

Recipe ideas:

Print resources


START your child on a healthy lifestyle booklet
This booklet is packed with ideas to support families to eat healthy, manage treats, be more active, sleep well and spend more time together.
Download the START booklet (ROI version) | Download the START booklet (NI version)

START healthy lunchbox leaflet
Contains practical tips for preparing a healthy lunchbox. Includes a 5 day lunchbox planner, and ideas for healthy snacks
Download START Healthy Lunchbox leaflet

5 Day meal planner
A complete 5 day meal planner for a family of 4. Includes simple meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including healthy snacks. Complete shopping list and tips for planning meals.
Download the 5-day Meal Planner


The facts about sugar in drinks
Lists the sugar content in over 60 drinks. This includes fizzy drinks, squashes and cordials and ready to dink fruit juice drinks.
Download the Sugary Drinks poster

One daily win posters (breakfast, snacks and dinner)
A3 & A4 poster options to better habit forming.

Download the Breakfast poster
Download the Dinner poster
Download the Snacks poster  

How to order

Available to order in ROI via . Category is ‘Obesity’ and search START

Available to order in NI by e-mailing

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