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Brand guidelines


To heighten the visibility of safefood in body copy it must be presented as follows:

  1. The word‘‘safe’’ is bold italic
  2. The word ‘‘food’’ is bold
  3. safefood must begin with a lowercase ‘‘s’’, including at the start of a sentence
  4. safefood is always presented as one word, with no space between ‘‘safe’’ and ‘‘food’’


safefood logos should never be used in an inappropriate manner or recreated (i.e. the addition of new elements, changes in wording, changes in typeface).

safefood logo with clear zone

The logo should be clear of surrounding text and should not be placed in a position where it could be viewed as endorsement or support for 3rd party content. 

safefood logo minimum length

It should never be recreated smaller than 30mm in length.


For further assistance please contact our marketing department on +353 1 4480600.​

Safefood Logo

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Safefood logo

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