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Managing allergens through cleaning and disinfection

Managing allergens through cleaning and disinfection

Presented by Mr Peter Littleton, Technical Director of Christeyn’s Food Hygiene Company

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For over 30 years, Peter has been involved in food safety and hygiene in a variety of roles including short shelf-life food processing and environmental health enforcement. Peter’s passion for allergen management has led him to provide support for the Anaphylaxis Campaign’s Corporate Panel in the area of cleaning and disinfection.

Peter’s experience as a trainer has led to the development of food safety management courses, including allergens, and his commitment to food safety has led him to be involved with Campden BRI, the IFST and the Society of Food Hygiene & Technology (of which he is currently chair).

In this presentation, Peter reviews the role of cleaning & disinfection in the management and control of allergens in food premises and covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the industry
  • What is cleaning and the methods that can be used
  • The challenges faced in cleaning different surfaces
  • What does clean look like from the perspective of allergens
  • Concerning disinfection
  • Questions & Answers session.

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