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The importance of internal auditing in maintaining food safety

The importance of internal auditing in maintaining food safety

A free webinar hosted by safefood in partnership with Brenda Loughman, Director of Loughman Mangement Solutions LTD.

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About this webinar

Brenda Loughman has trained over 130 companies to achieve certification in QMS / FSMS.

The aim of this webinarwas to provide a practical approach to internal audits. Internal audits are usually met with a negative mindset and Brenda provided insight on the correct management tools to see audits as an opportunity for continual improvement.

This webinar showed many instances of how internal audits have been a catalyst for positive change in companies. These impacts can be seen in several ways including:

  • Supporting the achievement of compliance with the law
  • Achievement of certification to national & international standards
  • Improving profitability with a more streamlined and organised approach
  • Saving the company from customer complaints and increasing the chance of repeat business

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