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Our changing foods: New protein sources

Our changing foods: New protein sources

This webinar provides food businesses with an overview of new sources of food protein from plants and animals and the potential risks these can present to food hypersensitive consumers.

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safefood in partnership with Teagasc Ashtown and Allergy Action hosted a free webinar "Our changing Foods: New protein sources & the implications for the allergic consumer".

The webinar was presented by Dr Maria Hayes, Senior Scientific Research Officer, Teagasc and Dr Hazel Gowland, leading consumer champion, patient advocate, expert and trainer, Allergy Action and covered the following topics:

  • Novel protein sources and the protein “shift”
  • Extraction and characterisation of novel proteins for use in foods and feed
  • Product development using novel proteins of marine origin
  • Examples of novel proteins in foods and feed
  • In silico strategies to determine protein safety for consumption
  • Environmental and socio-economic considerations concerning novel protein use
  • Potential positive and negative impacts of novel protein use
  • Potential risks to the food hypersensitive consumer

This webinar will be of interest to food businesses, regulators, researchers into novel foods and those with an interest in food allergen management.

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