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What's on offer?

What's on offer?

The types of food and drink on price promotion in retail outlets in the Republic of Ireland.

ISBN: 978-1-905767-86-1



suparemarket discount aisleThe report was commissioned by safefood to provide an overview of the types of foods on price promotion in a sample of retail outlets in the Republic of Ireland. The research included an in-store and an online audit of foods on promotion. The foods included in the audit were categorised against the population-level healthy eating guidelines – the food pyramid – and were also analysed using a nutritional quality score. The results focus on the food pyramid classification given that this is the public health nutrition dietary model used in the Republic of Ireland.

This research also considers food promotions from the perspective of retailers, public health experts and consumers - the views of retail and public health representatives were elicited via interviews while the consumer perspective was based on data from an online survey and an accompanied shopping exercise.

The data on categorising foods on promotion against the food pyramid can be used to inform the development of strategies to enhance the availability of healthier food products to consumers. The exploration of consumer perceptions and buying behaviours related to foods on promotion will add to the understanding of the influence of promotions on food choice. This is complemented by insights on food promotions from a sample of public health stakeholders and retailer representatives.

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