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  • Turkey takes centre stage at Christmas, but for many of us the classic sides and trimmings are the stars of the show.

  • Every Christmas the safefood helpline bells ring to the sound of some frequently asked questions.

  • The START campaign is all about helping families make healthy changes in their lives, and about listening to parents' questions and concerns. In these talks we bring parents together with experts in child psychology and nutrition to have a conversation about the challenges parents face and to answer their questions.

  • Our research shows that one 500ml energy drink can contain up to 14 level teaspoons of sugar or the equivalent of 3 cups of espresso. Use our checker to find out the sugar and caffeine content in popular energy drinks. 

  • While plain water and milk are the most suitable drinks for children, if choosing other drinks, ideally choose no added or low-sugar options.

  • We've all been there – that sudden, intense craving for a specific food, whether it's sweet or savory. Food cravings are a common experience, and there can be many reasons behind them.

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