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Community Food Initiatives

The aim of the Community Food Initiative (CFI) programme is to positively influence the eating habits of families with children in low-income communities.

The community initiatives support the development of skills and knowledge around:

  • Food and healthy eating
  • Healthier shopping
  • Cooking skills

To date, 30 community initiatives have received funding and are part of a programme of support and shared learning. The CFIs are administered at a local level by SECAD Partnership CLG. Learnings from previous programmes are shared among the newer projects to promote sustainability of the project.

The current programme (2019 to 2021) is funding 14 community initiatives:

Bogside & Brandywell Initiative, Co Derry

Bogside & Brandywell Initiative, in partnership with Holy Child Primary School, will tackle the issue of food poverty within the Creggan area, with a focus on the physical and mental well-being of the whole family.

Carlow County Development Partnership, Co Carlow

Through CFI, Carlow County Development Partnership will develop creative, skills-based projects aimed at adults and children in Hacketstown to provide practical information and training around making positive health choices and understanding nutrition.

Dublin North West Area Partnership, Co Dublin

Dublin North West Area Partnership (DNWAP) will promote healthy eating and wellbeing by providing practical information on healthy eating to the local community and encouraging participants to upskill in the preparation and provision of healthy, low cost food.

The Resurgam Trust, Co Antrim / Down

The Resurgam Trust will work in partnership with families and other agencies to identify barriers to healthy eating. It will increase awareness and access to healthy food through growing, shopping, meal planning, budgeting, cooking and eating healthy options.

Ballyhoura Development, Co Limerick / Cork

Ballyhoura Development will engage with communities, children and families to promote positive relationships with food and provide them with the skills and knowledge to choose healthy food options.

Co Wicklow Community Partnership, Co Wicklow

Co Wicklow Community Partnership will deliver fun interactive courses for families of young children as well as linking with local events and festivals to provide a fun insight into how communities can reduce waste while providing healthy nutritious, value for money meals.

Inishowen Development Partnership, Co Donegal

Inishowen Development Partnership, in collaboration with the Inishowen Family Action Network, will work closely with schools, parents, community groups and the wider local community to promote healthy eating and wellbeing, and to encourage food waste prevention, budgeting and meal planning. 

IRD Duhallow CLG, Kerry / Cork

IRD Duhallow CLG will help families make healthy food choices, learn about preparing fresh food and create healthy rituals around the consumption of food ultimately bringing families together to lead happier lives.

Newry Early Years Children & Family Centre, Armagh / Down

Newry Early Years will engage with the local community to promote healthy eating and wellbeing, and to provide opportunities for gaining new skills especially around cooking healthy and nutritious meals that all the family will enjoy. 

North Antrim Community Network, Co Antrim

This is NACN partnership’s first Community Food Initiative and will work with local community and primary schools in the Mid Glens area to raising awareness about the importance of healthy eating, cooking skills and food wastage.

Offaly Local Development Company, Co Offaly

Offaly Local Development Company will empower local communities through fun initiatives which will ensure families are equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to continue to adapt healthier lifestyles.

Galway City Partnership, Co Galway

Galway City Partnership will work to positively influence the eating habits and basic food skills among families and individuals through our current projects; the Healthy Galway City Strategy, the Let’s Get Galway Growing Network and the Galway City Early Years Health and Wellbeing Plan.

New Lodge Duncairn Community Health Partnership, Co Antrim

Under the CFI programme, New Lodge Duncairn Community Health Partnership will focus on the delivery of key nutritional programmes that could actually make a difference for families within disadvantaged communities.

South Tipperary Development, Co Tipperary

South Tipperary Development Company will work with communities across South Tipperary to promote healthy eating and well-being and to support people to learn new skills in making better food choices, shopping wisely and cooking healthy meals for their families. Phil Shanahan, Social Inclusion Programme Manager.



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