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How to use safefood’s serving cup 

What is the serving cup 

safefood’s cup can be used to measure serving sizes for different foods. The cup can be used to measure foods for children and adults.   

The cup is reusable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.    

What foods can you measure and how to use the cup 

The cup clearly shows the recommended serving sizes per person for different ages. The cup has different markings on each side.

  • On one side you can find the servings sizes for children aged 1 to 4.  
  • On the other side you will see the serving sizes for children aged 5+, teenagers and adults.

The measurements represent 1 serving size, but you or your children may need more than this at a meal.  People of different ages, gender and activity levels will need different numbers of servings.  

For example, while the cup only measures one serving of vegetables, we need to make sure that we include at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables throughout the day. Here is more information about fruit and vegetable servings.  

The cup is easy to use, just find the marking for the ingredient you wish to eat or cook and measure up to the line.  

Foods that can be measured with safefood’s serving cup include, cooked vegetables, flaked cereal, unsweetened muesli, dry porridge, uncooked pasta, uncooked couscous, uncooked rice, beans and lentils.  


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