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Food safety podcasts

Hello, and welcome to the safefood podcasts.

The safefood podcasts bring you insights and advice from leading experts on food safety. Through our podcast series, we’ll be looking at factors that shape the food industry on the island of Ireland.

You can listen to the podcasts here or on Spotify, iTunes Podcasts or Google Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

If you’re interested in participating, would like to make a comment or suggest topics please email us at [email protected].

Food intolerance

In this episode, we look at the topic of food intolerances, how they differ from food allergies as well as how they affect many people in Ireland today. We are joined by dietitian and nutritionist, Sarah Keogh who runs 'Eat Well', a food and nutrition consultancy for the food industry and the public. Sarah also works closely with the Coeliac Society of Ireland. Show notes


Is remote auditing here to stay?

In this episode, we chat to quality and hygiene systems consultant Marie-Therese Sweeney about remote food safety auditing and discuss its implications for food businesses. Show notes



Milk allergy and intolerance

James McIntosh, safefood's toxicology specialist, talks to Dr Hazel Gowland about milk allergies and milk intolerance. Dr Gowland is a leading advocate for people with food allergies. Show notes



The impact of Covid-19 on the food industry on the island of Ireland

Jim Power, Chief Economist for Aviva Ireland, talks to us about the potential impact of Covid-19 on the food industry in Ireland. Show notes



Food allergen labelling webinar

This is a special edition of the Food Safety for SMEs podcast series taken from a webinar recorded with Pat O’Mahony, Chief Specialist Food Science & Technology at the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, and James McIntosh, Chief Toxicologist at safefood. They discuss Food Allergen Labelling for non-prepacked food - food ‘sold loose’ including food sold at takeaways, by distance selling, contract catering etc.  Show notes



Hygiene and cleaning

In this episode, we chat to Eddie O’Neill from Teagasc, expert in artisan and specialty foods, about the importance of cleaning and hygiene for a food business. Show notes



Allergen control

James McIntosh is safefood's specialist in chemistry & toxicology and an expert in food allergens. We talk to him about allergen control for food businesses, from production to point of sale. Show notes



Food packaging

Eddie O’Neill, expert in artisan and specialty foods at Teagasc, talks to us about the importance and purpose of food packaging. Show notes


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