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Catch up: Food allergens webinar

Catch up: Food allergens webinar

Who's responsible? How to control food allergens, for small businesses

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About the webinar

This was a free webinar hosted by safefood in partnership with Brenda Loughman, Director of Loughman Mangement Solutions LTD.

Brenda Loughman has trained over 130 companies to achieve certification in QMS / FSMS. The aim of this webinar is to assist small food businesses (both manufacturing and catering) in their efforts to control food allergens by providing practical examples of approaches that work in this regard.

Having family members with significant allergies, Brenda has first-hand experiences of the effects of food allergens and will discuss the responsibilities of both the consumer and the food business operator.

With 30 years auditing experience, Brenda provided many examples of good and bad practices observed, i.e. understanding allergens and their effects on the consumer, food substitution – food fraud, and food labelling.

This webinar also explained what is meant by food preferences and ‘life-stylers’ (those who wish to exclude food groups for reasons other than allergens / food intolerances).

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