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A study of domestic fridges on the island of Ireland

Project Reference: 03-2013

Status: Completed

Commencement Date: September, 2013

Project Duration: 6 months


This project investigated consumer practices and operational parameters associated with domestic fridges from a stratified sample of households across the island of Ireland. The data from the study will enable safefood to develop targeted consumer advice to address ongoing deficits in consumer knowledge and behaviour relating to safe food storage.

With the introduction to the market of new fridge designs and recent changes to consumer food preparation behaviours, there is a need develop the evidence base and identify possible interventions to protect public health around correct food storage.


Principal Contractor(s):

Dr Tassos Koidis, Queen’s University Belfast


SMR Research, Belfast

Cutherbertson Laird Group, Belfast



A study of domestic fridges on the island of Ireland

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