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Assessment of the standards of food hygiene observed in household kitchens on the island of Ireland.

Project Reference: 01-RESR-112

Status: Completed

Commencement Date: June, 2001

Project Duration: 15 months


Poor food handling and hygiene practices in domestic kitchens are thought to be the cause of a significant number of cases of foodborne illness. However, there is insufficient information on how food is prepared in the home and the hygiene status of household kitchens. This pilot survey was commissioned by safefood in order to investigate the standards of hygiene observed in domestic kitchens across the island of Ireland and to obtain information about consumers’ knowledge of food safety issues. An extensive questionnaire was completed by 150 householders.

The project also assessed the impact of providing the household with information and advice on the best ways to prepare, cook and store food. Participating households were visited twice, six to eight months apart, and the hygiene practices on each visit were qualitatively compared. Householders generally did not make a connection between food hygiene and illness. It was thought that domestic food-handling practices could be improved by providing basic scientific information and reference guides.


Principal Contractor(s):

Ms Anna Brooker, Dublin Institute of Technology


Ms Adele Dunn, Northern Ireland Hotel & Catering College, Portrush



No published report

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