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Communicating to Consumers about Food Hazards in the Home

Project Reference: 06-2010

Status: Completed

Commencement Date: August, 2010

Project Duration: 15 months


This project determined the precursors to food safety behaviour and decision-making processes of the 120 participants in the study.

This project investigated how different stimuli are perceived by different individuals, and ascertained the key psychological factors which underpin food safety decision-making processes and behaviour. Specifically, the ability to process new information; motivation to process new information; desire/perceived need to process new information; preferences for central or peripheral processing stimuli; perceptions and heuristics; trust and recall of risk messages were measured. 

The outcome is a fuller picture of how different messages resonate with particular consumer profiles, and adds to the overall evidence base on which to build food safety messages for delivery across the island of Ireland.

Principal Contractor(s):

Prof Patrick Wall, University College Dublin


Dr Jean Kennedy, European Food Information Council, Brussels



Report forthcoming

Peer Reviews:

Determinants of cross contamination during home food preparation (PDF, 200KB)

Identification of critical points during domestic food preparation (PDF, 200KB)


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