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Factors influencing the efficacy of food risk and dietary communications directed at young people

Project Reference: 02-RESR-03

Status: Completed

Commencement Date: May, 2003

Project Duration: 27 months


Young people (13-16 year olds) are particularly important targets for achieving behavioural and attitudinal changes with regard to food hazards and nutrition as they are agents for change in their households as well as being the next generation of adult consumers. 

The objectives of this project were to assess the extent to which 13-16 year olds understand the nature and range of key food related hazards and to identify any significant gaps in their basic knowledge of these hazards. 

Relationships between perceptions, intentions and behaviour were investigated together with the key sources of influence on their perceptions of food risk.


Principal Contractor(s):

Dr Karen Trew, Queen’s University Belfast


Dr Julie Barnett, University of Surrey, 

Prof Glynnis Breakwell, University of Bath, 

Dr Margaret Barry, National University of Ireland, Galway



Young People and Food: Adolescent Dietary Beliefs and Understandings

Peer Reviews:

STEVENSON, C.P., DOHERTY, G., BARNETT, J. MULDOON, O & TREW, K (2007), Barriers to healthy eating. Journal of Adolescence, 30,3, 417-434.

TREW, K.  CLARKE, C, DOHERTY, G BARNETT, J. & MULDOON, O. (2006). Adolescents food choice. (Pp 247-262). In Shepherd, R & Raats, M. M. (eds) The Psychology of Food Choice. Oxfordshire: CABI Publishing.

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