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Food safety education: a cross-border, comparative study of food risk perception in post-primary sch

Project Reference: 03-PG-015

Status: Completed

Commencement Date: June, 2004

Project Duration: 36 months


Young people's food risk perceptions are of interest to educators, health promoters, food policy makers and the food industry because they will be the consumers of tomorrow. This project examined, qualitatively and quantitatively, how food risk perceptions in young people might differ from those of the "stakeholders" in order to identify information needs.

The ultimate aim of the project was be to develop a model of food safety perceptions and information needs with a view to curricular change and management informed by a range of opinion, including young people themselves.


Principal Contractor(s):

Dr Michael Strain, University of Ulster, Jordanstown


Single supplier



The PhD thesis is available on request and can be accessed through the University of Ulster

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