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A cross-sectional study of an Irish population estimating dietary salt intake, and its association w

Project Reference: 02-2007

Status: Completed

Commencement Date: December, 2007

Project Duration: 16 months


The Irish population consume a high salt diet. Chronic high salt intake is associated with hypertension and other adverse life style factors like obesity and lack of physical exercise. A description of salt intake in the population can be performed by measuring urinary excretion of salt while additional useful information can be acquired using a detailed food questionnaire.

The study sampled two distinct groups of healthy individuals to ensure representation of all age groups within the adult population. The first population was based on a group of subjects of 45 years and older. These subjects are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. In this population the study described both the level of salt intake and also the distribution of hypertension and other risk factors in this population such as lipid profile, smoking, physical exertion and glucose intolerance. These subjects used a cluster method of sampling based on the SLAN 06 sampling methods. A detailed local study in UCC included younger subjects.  This measured dietary intake of salt in younger subjects. Core measurement of 24 hour excretion of sodium was made in 700 individuals and 1,600 spot urine samples were analysed.

Principal Contractor(s):

Prof Ivan Perry, University College Cork


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