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Communicating the healthy eating message: Use of an interactive multi-media CD-ROM for the preventio

Project Reference: 02-RESR-009

Status: Completed

Commencement Date: March, 2003

Project Duration: 30 months


There is an urgent need to develop novel, effective, positive and personally relevant communication strategies to improve dietary habits in childhood when individual attitudes towards food are being formed. The overall aim of the study was to design, develop, pilot test and evaluate a multimedia CD-ROM for communicating healthy eating messages to 8-9 year old children. The approaches used to develop the CD-ROM were based on the teaching practices of social learning theory, which combined increased knowledge about food and nutrition with other spheres of influence such as the environment, personal attributes, behavioural skills and experience.

In 2008, based on the findings of this research, safefood created Taste Buds; a resource for primary school children in the Republic of Ireland. Then in 2011 safefood also worked in collaboration with the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland to develop a version of the resource for primary schools in Northern Ireland, namely Eat, Taste and Grow. Both resources are an interactive CD designed for 8 – 10 year olds and aim to help children enjoy learning about the origins and production of food and the importance of eating a balanced diet,

Principal Contractor(s):

Prof Barbara Livingstone, University of Ulster


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Eat Taste and Grow

Taste Buds

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