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Exploring the world of food - the perspective of famililes with children

Project Reference: 05-2019

Status: Ongoing

Commencement Date: October 2019

Project Duration: 12 months


This research project will employ a qualitative approach using multiple creative methods to explore the micro-environmental context through which low-income families make food-related decisions. A rapid review will inform the qualitative study to assess families' perspectives of their food world.

Conventional interviews alone would not unveil parental perceptions of their food environment, therefore creative methods are proposed, including the use of Photovoice, participatory mapping techniques and a “go-along” approach to better understand the micro-environmental context that influences the food that families purchase, prepare and consume at home.

Principal Contractor(s):

Dr Colette Kelly, NUIG


Dr Harrington, University College Cork 

Prof Woodside, Queen's University Belfast 

Dr McKinley, Queen's University Belfast 



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