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Iodine status: Is there a public health issue on the island of Ireland?

Project Reference: 01-2013

Status: Completed

Commencement Date: November, 2013

Project Duration: 22 months


A recent survey has suggested that iodine deficiency is an emerging public health issue in the UK, including Northern Ireland, but recent data from the Republic of Ireland is not available, although a survey of pregnant women in 1999 suggested mild deficiency. 

This project will determine urinary iodine status in schoolgirls aged 14-15 years across the island of Ireland, using similar methodology to that used in the recent UK survey to allow cross-survey comparability. Data will also be collected on dietary intake using a food frequency questionnaire, and on other demographic data, including place of residence, date of birth and ethnicity to allow the examination of dietary and other determinants of urinary iodine status. Seasonal variation in urinary iodine levels will also be investigated.

Principal Contractor(s):

Prof Jayne Woodside, QUB


Dr Mullan, Consultant Endocrinologist

Professor Young, Centre for Public Health, QUB

Prof Albert Flynn, University College Cork

Prof Peter Smyth, UCD

Professor Tanya McCance, UU

Prof Mayne, National Newborn Bloodspot Screening Laboratory



Iodine status on the island of Ireland

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