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Public acceptability of policies to address obesity

Project Reference: 04-2019

Status: Ongoing

Commencement Date: September 2019

Project Duration: 12 months


The aim of this research project is to determine public support for a range of policies, including fiscal (taxes and subsidies) and non-fiscal, and interventions to address obesity on the island of Ireland in a nationally representative sample in Republic of Ireland (ROI) and Northern Ireland (NI) to support obesity policy implementation plans in both jurisdictions.

Principal Contractor(s):

Dr Mirjam Heinen, University College Dublin


Dr Laura McGowan, Queen's University Belfast



2014 report: Attitudes of the public towards policies to address obesity

2022 report: Public acceptability of policies to address obesity

Peer Reviews:

Spyreli E, McGowan L, Heery E, Kelly A, Croker H, Lawlor C, O'Neill R, Kelleher CC, McCarthy M, Wall P, Heinen MM. Public beliefs about the consequences of living with obesity in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. BMC Public Health. 2022 Oct 13;22(1):1910. doi: 10.1186/s12889-022-14280-9. PMID: 36229815; PMCID: PMC9559245.

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