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The impact of cooking and related food skills on healthiness of diets

Project Reference: 11-2013

Status: Completed

Commencement Date: March, 2014

Project Duration: 18 months


This research will provide a holistic approach to understanding healthful dietary food skills on the island of Ireland and their impact on an individuals’ diet. By integrating social science perspectives with those of nutrition and gastronomy a food skills measurement tool will be developed and validated that would help to explore the current level of cooking skills, where these skills originated, how these skills have been developed, the most effective way to enhance these skills through learning and how they relate to dietary practices.

This research is conducted with a view to enhancing current understandings of how people use food related cooking and other skills and to recommend ways of improving these skills in the future to promote healthful diets.

Principal Contractor(s):

Dr Moira Dean, QU


Prof Martin Caraher City University, London

Dr Lynsey Hollywood, University of Ulster Coleraine

Amanda Mc-Cloat St. Angela’s College, Sligo

Dr Elaine Mooney St. Angela’s College Sligo

Prof Monique Raats, University of Surrey

Dr Michelle Spence, Queens University Belfast




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