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Consumer focused review of the finfish food chain

Project Reference: CFR

Status: Completed


safefood undertook a review of the finfish supply chain in 2005 and this was followed by an updated review in 2012 taking into account any changes that could have occurred since the original report was published. As with the previous report, this review of the finfish food chain focuses on wild-caught and farmed finfish, and smoked salmon and how these food commodities are caught, processed, sold and consumed on the island of Ireland. 

The review outlines the nutritional and health benefits of eating finfish as well as the basic processes by which fish enter the consumer food chain, the controls in place to protect consumers from potential risks and the food hygiene practices that consumers should follow when storing and preparing fish. As part of the review process, safefood conducted research into consumer awareness and perception of nutrition and safety issues regarding fish.

The findings highlighted key concerns such as freshness, contamination, proper cooking, low fish consumption despite well-documented health benefits, and consumer barriers to purchasing and preparation.



Consumer Focused Review of the Finfish Food Chain

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