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Consumer focused review of the milk supply chain

Project Reference: CFR

Status: Completed


safefood has undertaken a review of the milk supply chain in order to describe how milk is produced, processed, sold and consumed on the island of Ireland. The review describes the milk supply chain on the island and the basic processes by which drinking milk enters the consumer food chain. It also described the controls that are in place to protect consumers from potential risks; the nutritional and health benefits of drinking milk. 

The review found that consumers drank milk because it was a healthy food, high in calcium, and therefore good for bone development. The habit of drinking milk started for most consumers in childhood and, for some, this continued into adulthood. Consumers who did not drink milk disliked the taste and texture. Some people avoided milk due to perceived allergies. Consumers had a few minor concerns about milk. These included the long shelf-life, the presence of antibiotics and hormones and the risk of contracting tuberculosis. To address their concerns, consumers relied on use-by dates, country of origin and brand names to reassure them.



A Review of the Milk Supply Chain

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