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Mapping the dairy supply chain on the island of Ireland

Mapping the dairy supply chain on the island of Ireland

ISBN: 978-1-905767-85-4



carton and glass of milkThis is the report of a research project carried out on behalf of safefood in conjunction with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, the Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland and the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine. The purpose of the research was to analyse the dairy supply chain in both jurisdictions on the island of Ireland to provide a comprehensive description of all stakeholders involved in the production, processing and marketing of dairy products into and out of the island. This included an outline of the business and regulatory controls in place along the supply chain.

The report contributes to a wider project that involves a food chain vulnerability analysis of the dairy sector on the island of Ireland to enhance consumer protection. This is being led by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland in conjunction with the aforementioned agencies. The project will produce a documented analysis of the dairy supply chain, its vulnerabilities and a range of control strategies that could be applied to prevent or mitigate the impact of fraudulent activities on consumers’ health and/or interests. The project is proactive and will derive benefit for industry and regulators by identifying potential vulnerabilities in the dairy supply chain.


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