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What's in that bun?

What's in that bun?

ISBN: 978-1-905767-28-1



a burger and dressingThe beef burger is a common food on both the kitchen and restaurant table since the 1800s and is one of the most common choices on fast food menus. The main reason for this is because it is tasty, easily accessible, customisable, affordable and portable. In ROI, composite foods (i.e. foods made up of more than one ingredient) are an important source of meat, especially burgers, with the majority of burgers either being fried or grilled, and many eaten from takeaway outlets.

With such easy access and with limited nutritional information available to consumers at point of sale, many people may not be aware of the nutritional content of what they are consuming or of the healthier options that may be available to them.

Given the diversity of products available, this survey was designed to provide an insight into the energy (calorie), total fat, saturated fat, protein and salt content of a range of burgers from various takeaway outlets.

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