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Food packaging webinar

Food packaging webinar

Are you on top of the challenges and emerging trends in food packaging? This webinar will help you get up to date on emerging challenges and trends in food packaging.

safefood and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland held a free webinar on Food packaging:emerging issues and trends on 28 February, 2023. 

Catch up: Watch the recording

Packaging systems, formats and materials, as we understand them today, have evolved over 150 years and have helped shape global distribution chains for the efficient movement of goods while minimising food waste and delivering nutritious, safe and quality food products conveniently to consumers. However, the last decade has seen issues emerge which challenge just about every facet of packaging used today and could signal changes to come in the decades ahead, especially in relation to environmental issues.

Why is packaging used and how are its current uses being challenged? What is the current legislative environment concerning food contact materials? How will packaging material evolve in terms of new materials and technologies and what are the considerations if these are to find application for food and beverages? What role will we need to play – from the legislator right through to the end consumer – in finding future packaging solutions?

These questions and more are answered by speakers Prof Joe Kerry who heads up the Food Packaging Research Group at the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences in University College Cork and Dr Karl McDonald who is an Enforcement Policy Manager with Food Safety Authority.

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