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Who is the target?

The lesson objectives are:

Lesson 5

Listen to others’ opinions – how some people like the same things as us but for different reasons.

Lesson 6

Understand what an “assumption” is.

MediaWise for First and Second Class should enable the children to:

  • Name some different types of media and recognise the different media they encounter on a regular basis.
  • Describe what advertising is and recognise that advertising is everywhere .
  • Understand that advertising tries to do one of four things:
    1. Tell us something we need to know.
    2. Persuade us to buy a product.
    3. Persuade us to change our behaviour.
    4. Put forward a point of view.
  • Describe what the basic emotions (happy, sad, angry, bored, surprised, scared) might ‘look’ like and understand emotions as they are presented visually in the media.
  • Understand how some people like the same things as us but for different reasons.
  • Understand what an assumption is, to recognise the assumptions made in some toy advertising and name a few other assumptions made in the media.
  • Understand that persuasion means to talk someone into doing or thinking something and to understand how persuasion works.
  • Describe everyday examples of information that they come across and suggest the sources of this information.

Information about the lessons, activities, methodologies and resources required are provided in the Lesson Plans.

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