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Who is the target?

The lesson objectives are:

Lesson 5

Identify a television programme they like and describe why.

Lesson 6

Think about what an “assumption” might be.

MediaWise for Junior and Senior Infants should enable the children to:

  • Name some different types of media
  • Describe what advertising is
  • Identify the basic emotions (happy, sad, angry, bored, surprised, scared) we feel
  • Understand the difference between needing something and wanting it
  • Describe and share why they like a particular television programme
  • Understand that the interests of all children are different, that the media makes assumptions about the likes and preferences of girls or boys based on their gender alone
  • Understand that persuasion means to talk someone into doing or thinking something
  • Understand that advertisements can be set in the real or an imaginary world or a mixture of both
  • Recognise that children may like advertisements that are set in an imaginary world

Information about the lessons, activities, methodologies and resources required are provided in the Lesson Plans.

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