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Food Safety Department, Teagasc Food Research Centre

Telephone:00353 (0)1 8059919

Email: [email protected]

Contact Dr. Mary Moloney
Accredited by INAB
Type of Food Safety Work Chemical Contaminant Testing in food

Details of Food Testing / Research Carried Out

Sample Type Test Parameter
Water, incl treated, untreated, rainwater, saltwater Veterinary Drug Residues, Pesticides residue
Fats & oils, incl lard, olive oil, non-dairy spread Pesticides residue - Pyrethroids, Pyrethrin
Fish, shellfish and molluscs Veterinary drug residues, Pesticides residue
Meat & meat products, incl game, offal, white & black puddings Veterinary drug residues - Antimicrobials, Antiparasitics, Antivirals, Coccidiostats, Mycotoxins, Nitrofurans, Pesticides residdue
Egg & egg products, incl egg mayonnaise, prepared egg dishes Veterinary Drug Residues, Coccidiostats, Nitrofurans
Dairy products, incl cheese, cream liqueur, powdered dairy produ Veterinary Drug Residues - Antiparasitics, Coccidiostats, Pesticides residue, Mycotoxins
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