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Public Analyst's Laboratory, Cork

Telephone:00353 (0)21 492 3359 / 3245

Email: [email protected]

Contact Michael O Riordan
Accredited by INAB
Type of Food Safety Work Additives, Compositional, Food Complaints, Food Speciation, Food Quality, Ionising Radiation, Labelling, Nutrition, Residues & Contaminants

Details of Food Testing / Research Carried Out

Sample Type Test Parameter
Environmental, incl factory hygiene, hygiene swabs, contact plat BOD, COD, Total Solids, Heavy Metals
Water, incl treated, untreated, rainwater, saltwater Potability Tests, Nitrate, Ammonia, Metals, Chloride
Others, incl water used as an ingredient Potability Tests
Food Stuff Contact Materials, incl aluminium foil, cling film, c Aluminium, Heavy Metals
Additives incl antioxidants, emulsifiers, stabilisers, thickener Purity Criteria
Special nutritional uses, incl diabetic foodstuffs, gluten free Sugar Content, Vitamins A & B1
Prepared dishes, incl baby food, all vegetable & cereal based di Nitrate, Nitrite, Salt, Fat, Vitamins A & B1, Ochratoxin A, Metals
Nuts & nut products, snacks, incl peanut butter, crisps Fat Profile, Salt, MonoSodium Glutamate
Confectionary, including chocolate Purity (total sugar), Ash, Metals, Sugar Content, Colours, HMF (in honey), Fat Content
Cocoa & cocoa preparations, coffee & tea, incl herbal fruit teas Irradiation Test, Metals, Fat, Caffeine
Ices & desserts, inclsorbets, shop bought dessert mixes Sorbic Acid, Fat Content, Sugar Content
Alcoholic beverages (other than wine) Alcohol content, Congeners (e.g. methanol, propanol, butanol, pentanol isomers), Fat, Sugar, Colours
Wine, incl fortified, non fortified Alcohol Content
Non alc# beverages, incl bottled water, soya milk based drinks Potability Tests, Sugar Content, Vitamin C, Fat Content, Benzoic Acid, Colours, Sweeteners
Herbs & spices Purity, Sodium, Potassium, Ash, Metals, Irradiation Test, Sudan Red 1
Fruit and vegetables Metals, Nitrate
Cereal & bakery products, incl pasta, rice, cornflakes Propionic Acid, Fat, Ash, Sugar Content, Sorbic Acid, GMOs
Soups, broths & sauces, incl mayonnaise, apple sauce, salad crea Sorbic Acid, Total Sugar Content, Colours, Metals, Preservatives, MonoSodium Glutamate & Salt
Fats & oils, incl lard, olive oil, non-dairy spread Iodine Value, Rancidity Tests, Total Fat Content, Fat Profile, Vitamin A
Fish, shellfish and molluscs Heavy Metals, Biogenic Amines
Meat & meat products, incl game, offal, white & black puddings Fat, Moisture, Sulphur Dioxide, Ash, Protein, Hydroxyproline, Salt
Egg & egg products, incl egg mayonnaise, prepared egg dishes Metals (lead and cadmium), Fat
Dairy products, incl cheese, cream liqueur, powdered dairy produ Fat, Moisture, Sorbic Acid, Total Solids, Sugar, Delvo test , Alcohol
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